Is your Minelab PI detector not working correctly or not working at all? We repair SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, F1A4, GP Extreme, GP3000, GP3500, GPX4000, GPX4500 GPX4800, GPX5000 and SDC2300


We carry a large stock of spare parts, including Mylar Strips for the GPX series, control box gaskets, power and coil sockets and much more.


We service and repair any of our battery systems.
We can also repair and repack original GPX batteries, repairs usually cost around $85 and repacking is $195, both including return shipping.  Before sending a GPX battery for repacking if you are using a booster that goes between the battery and detector first try without that installed and/or if you haven't replaced your power lead in a long time try an alternative lead as leads can fatigue and break internally near the detector but still 'work' the detector and battery low will occur after a few hours.


We can do minor repairs on VLF detectors.

Contact us to see what we can do for you, hopefully we will have you back on the goldfields in no time at all.