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Unfortunately we are currently out of stock of the Busy B CRV pending some small design updates before ordering more boards and attempting to source the electronic components required. Sorry for any inconvineince.

This Busy B CRV Battery system includes everything you need to start detecting wirelessly. Package includes, CRV Battery, Busy B Reciever, Short 4 Pin Patch Lead, 12v Cigarette lighter charger lead, 240v Charger.


Battery weight – 600g approximately

Adjustable output voltage 6v to 8.4v

Auto-off timer, will turn off automatically 10 minutes after you turn off your detector

Run time 8~10 hours

Receiver runtime 20 hours+

Receiver can run a speaker or headphones

Compatible with other boosters such as the SP01, B&Z etc

Charge time 4~5 hours from 12v

Built in chargers with power input protection to prevent accidents

12 Month warranty

Battery pack can be replaced when it is old


Busy B CRV Wireless Battery System

  • The Busy B CRV battery system is designed specifically to be used on all Minelab PI series detectors. SD GP and GPX

    With its adjustable output voltage it can be adjusted from 6v to 8.4v to suit your every need! And don't worry about blowing up your detector if you put in too many volts. The Minelab range of detectors will automatically turn off if too much voltage is applied without causing any damage.

    The standard speaker, headphones and accessories used on a GPX detector will work with our wireless systems. When a speaker is plugged in the output power is increased to drive the speaker. No extra leads, plugs or gadgets required.

    With a built in 12v charger, recharging is a breeze when camped out bush.

    Designed and built in Australia.

  • This item cannot be sent by air. It must travel by ground freight only. Shipped via Australia post satchel with tracking.

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